Morgan Wade

Morgan is probably one of the most significant musical discoveries that I made in the last weeks of 2021. Thanks to Google’s never forgetting database I can track that back to the 29th of October, 2021, where I watched the introductory video titled “This is Morgan Wade”. Her slight raspy voice immediately struck a chord with me and I listened to every song and watched every video with or from her since then.

A very memorable series is from a YT channel called “OurVinyl”, where Morgan played an acoustic performance of four songs, of which “The Night” and “Left Me Behind” are my all time favourites. The latter reminds me of the pain, when my ex-wife left, although I know exactly why she didn’t want me no more and I know that I am the one to blame for hurting her unkowingly so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and just rattle my younger self into awareness and push him into talking instead of shutting everyone out.

OurVinyl cover art of Morgan Wade's

Seriously, watch it. OurVinyl Sessions: Morgan Wade